Friday, January 25, 2008

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da

Either my daughter has just mastered the Russian language or I do believe she has started muttering her first words... In fact if you look closely and listen keenly she is actually saying Dad Dad Dad You're the best dad in the whole world Dad. It's just happened to strangely coincide with the day I was flicking through my mothers birth book which was written by my Grandmother in 1929. And like some kind of weird time capsule it has transported me back in time linking me with two generations past. According to grandmother Eileen, Mother Sylvia muttered her first da da da's at aged 9 months... I'vy's come in at 7 and a half months ( yet another example of the genius child we're raising)
It's such a little treasure with all sorts of gems... like my mother Sylvia being a "bonny baby" and when the bonny baby took her first steps my grandparents planted trees on their farm in Mudgee to commemorate the event. The amazing thing about the book is it just reminds you that as time goes by nothing really changes. Sure we think the world is so modern, but really we're just doing exactly the same thing as other humans have been for the past 10,000 years.

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