Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Handsome Sandwiches set to take over the world

Some of you may remember my blog of January 2006 concerning the rise and rise of one of the great fast food franchises the world has seen. One year on and we can report that the handsome sandwich empire is going great guns. In fact the buisiness now not only makes the finest sandwiches this side of the pacific, but has branched out into a laundry empire and gasoline franchise. In another great marketing campaign, customers can now get their shirts washed leaving them "clean and good smell for ten years" The Handsome gasoline product line even makes your bike run fast. Needless to say the tshirts, sandwiches, boat trips and gasoline are all going out the door quciker than you can say, double cheeseburger extra bacon. Jan and myself were so impressed by recent events we both bought our second T shirts... Hooray for Handsome

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