Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jumbo Express

We're not going to stop at saving elephants.... we're going to save the whole world. Yes dear reader, your valiant heroes are roaming Northern Thailand hellbent on helping the needy, sick, poor and humourless. It's called the jumbo express, a creation of lek, founder of the Elephant nature park. (pictured below) Yes Lek and her merry band of volunteers climbed aboard a couple of pick up trucks, weighed down with essential medicines and one doctor to bring the message of goodwill towards common man and woman. Two days visiting schools, villages, not to mention interesting caves and souvenir stalls. In fact at the main village we visited we were the first medical personnel (that is what we now refer to ourselves as) to visit the place in 2 years. Yes, there we were handing out de worming syrup to the under twelves in true communist revolutionary fashion. It's all about winning the hearts and minds of the young ones comrades. The truth of the matter is, our leader lek, the true visionary, has been accused of only caring for elephants. So to rectify this, we set off to villages in order to pretend that humans are just as important as elephants... which of course we all know they're not. It's all part of the great propagandah plan to convince the Thai people that bashing an elephant over the head with a sharp metal stick just aint volleyball. It was truly an international effort with representatives from Pakistan, India, New Zealand, Canada the large country below Canada and Denmark. (Although I'm not sure if its politically correct to mention Denmark at the moment but bugger it) If it helps there were no fundamentalist christians aboard, in fact the religions represented were Buddhism, follwed by hinduism then Islam and finally atheism. But you probably dont care about that. All you readers really have to care about is the fact that smug Ed will be home in 6 weeks, jobless, depressed and unable to fit into society. Serves him right I say for taking a year off whilst the rest of us have to pay off our mortgages.

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