Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mr Thailand

Kho San Road Bangkok is one place its virtually impossible to stand out from the crowd. With more tattoes, piercings and backpacks per square metre than anywhere else in the world it is freaksville grand central. But now there is one way you can outshine all the others, your vehicle being that of Mr Thailand. Dressed in full military regalia , sunglasses, pith helmet and sandals and socks Mr Thailand takes you on a right royal ride thru the Khao San district and it's a journey like no other. Jan the Swedish hitman and myself had a couple of beers and hopped on our carriage as we were peddled thru the streets giving the hippies, travellers, freaks and hard men the right royal wave, handkerchief included. The result was the funniest 40 minutes I have ever spent with no less than 2000 people returning our wave. No less than 20 people took our picture, kids were dancing in the street as we glided past and thai girls giggled pretty much the whole length of our motorcade. Only the Israelis failed to see the humour of us being in our carriage with fairy lights, Thai disco tunes and pink balloons. The remarkable thing about this ride of superstardom was that it only cost 2 dollars. 4o minutes of sheer unadulterted hanky waving. (the Israelis probably thought we were ripped off) . Mr Thailand has totally stumbled on the next big thing and if only we could combine the franchise of Handsome Sandwiches with Mr Thailand we will all be on a winner. Thank you Mr Thailand for make me happy.

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