Thursday, January 05, 2006

Handsome Sandwiches

One of the more unusual retail enterprises on Kho Pang Ghang is the soon to take over the world franchise of Mr handsome sandwiches (You heard it here first).
To the Lazy observer, it appears to be an unkempt shack manned by a lazy Thai man with long pony tail, moustache, lying in a hammock with an unhealthy obsession with reggae music.
But as we all know looks can be decieving and Mr Handsome is soon to be the Colonel Sanders of the Hamburger world. Mr handsome's pledge is I make you happy and this he does beyond anyones wildest expectations. Order a handsome sandwich and he jumps out of that hammock quicker than you can say same same but different. The handsome cooking philosophy revolves around the extra attention he gives to your burgers, the care he takes in putting all the ingredients togethor and the revolutionary customer service he provides. A crooked sign proudly proclaims Bloody cold beer and Always delicious or if you no come you cry for ten years. Perhaps this is all sheer marketing genius but after 13 minutes of intense concentration out comes your handsome sandwich and the taste... well how can I convey the magneficence? How did Adam convey the first sunset in Eden? Charlie the first chocolate in Willy Wonkas chocolate factory? All I can say is that there are thousands of International fans out there all talking about the brilliance of Handsome Sandwiches. An average of about 20 t shirsts a day a sold. Not bad for a guy who only ever gets out of his hammock every 40 minutes. Advertising is all word of mouth and one Irish tourist is evn contemplating writing a book. The short history of Handsome Sandwiches. Watch this of Mr handsome himself coming


Rod Adler said...

Dearest Overland Eddy,

I am quite exited about your franchise proposal Handsome Sandwiches. It could go well here in Sydney. Oporto has been a great success, too. Try to get an exclusive option, until we have done some market reseach. You know I have put some money aside and I would love to support you and to be involved in something positive this time...

Please keep me updated!
Yours truly, Rod

Stephen said...

I didn't have time for a sandwich but I can confirm that his laundry service (50 THB / 1 kg) delivers as promised 'very clean and nice smell'.