Monday, December 19, 2005

Trouble in paradise

Hop in a taxi in Bangkok and ask to go somewhere and you'll probably be laughed at. First of all thai is a tonal language and all attempts at mentioning the name of your destination to different pitches is enough to cause an international incident. Should you manage to actually make your intended destination clear the reply will usually be a No way man, are you crazy . The traffic is so bad that to get virtually anywhere will take at least an hour. Even down the road. Worse still that to avoid an unscheduled visit to the jewellers, tailors or massage parlour is virtually impossible. Sometimes the tuk tuk drivers don't even listen to your intended destination and just take you straight to the places where they get commission. The prize quote was when one tuk tuk driver offered the philosophy You like bangkok...then you like traffic jam man. The pollution here is absolutely shocking as well. We spent 70 minutes on a tuk tuk and both came down with sore throats and really bad headaches. Such a pity about the traffic here as it's such an interesting city. I especially like some of the food available below on khao san RoadIt's great to be back in Asia though. We are now in Thong nai Pan beach on the Island of Kho Pang Ghang and after all our travel recently it's great to stop and chill out. In the last month we have travelled in 6 countries with 27 hours on planes, 2 hours on trains and 83 hours on buses(not mentioning those bangkok taxi rides again). Yes the body is starting to take on the appearance of a seat. Lucky they have Thai massage here but unlucky that theres a typhoon heading in our general direction and that it's been overcast on all the Thai beaches in the last 3 days. Also unlucky is that half of essex, blackpool and hull have discovered Thailand. Theres nothing more common than a common pom is what Kate's mum says and must admit starting to believe her. At least we're nowhere near the tsunami coastline. So hopefully Xmas and new years eve here in our very relaxed bungalow will be a real treat. But after last night when we complained to the woman in the bungalow next door with her 2 year old baby knocking back beers and shouting her discusting mouth to quiet down her reply was What ...this is Koh fucken Phang gang... was tempted to tell her pink and purple streaks on a 45 year old is not a good look but refrained. Should be interesting... oh well paradise wouldn't be paradise without a war with the neighbours. Merry Xmas everyone!!!

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