Wednesday, December 14, 2005

London Boozer

The urban myth that Australians fancy a drink was proved over the last few days but not near as much as a Londoner. Ever wonder why there is a pub on every corner in london? Because they're a nation of alcoholics silly. So our quick three days in london to visit friends was a quick three days in London to visit friends and drink more mulled wine, warm bitter and dodgy Australian lager than you could ever possibly imagine. And these kids do it all the time. Lunchtime at work, after work, in the pub round the corner from home, at home, not to mention fancy a nightcap luv down at the local. The end result of all this is that Kate and I are utterly shattered and have hangovers to bring down Westminster. Our hosts were Emma and Dan and their baby daughter Winston Churchill who was permananetly outraged at us being there and gave quite a few emotive speeches about the fact. Emma was actually the person responsible for introducing Kate and myself and she spent the entire three days telling every passerby who would listen. It was great to catch up with them and all the old pals from London including Matt on the Monday night who you may recognise as have acted alongside Christopher Walken in that Famous Italian flick I was once was a drunk teenage sailor. We had a great catch up at Gordons Wine Bar in Embankment which is quite a bit like the Bastille in Paris only so smoky that you have to throw out all your clothes afterwards. Our whirlwind London 3 day tour also included the Xmas lights of Regent street which have been monopolised from some dinosaurs from the Ice Age and also an insight into 22nd century retailing at the Apple Store. Yes for a nightclub come futuristic shopping experience like none other take a look if you're passing through. ( not for those not suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder I might add). Other than being dark by 3.30 pm, extremely crowded and fairly cold there is nothing else to add about old blighty. ( except it's still bloody expensive...our fare from the airport to Emma and Dan's and the cheapest available transport at that time of night cost 55 quid or 130 Australian dollars or 11,357 yen but whose counting)

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