Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Welcome to beautiful Peru

After 5 days of intensive travelling we have finally made it to Peru. Cajarmarca to be exact the place where Pizarro and 37 spaniards managed to capture Atuahalpa the Inca King and his 80,000 troops. I think the horses and cannons helped. And this place excepted, Peru is one almighty rubbish tip. The people are less friendly, out to rip you off, the landscape is bleak, desert with the occasional eucalyptus, and most of the world´s plastic bags seem to be stewn across it. Oh well lucky this place is beautiful or we would have turned around and gone back to Ecuador. We´re just about to embark on a 5 day stove tour. I met this Aussie guy Ben in Ecuador who has a company that organises tours where you get off the beaten track and build a stove for a local family whose little hut is full of smoke. Sounded like a great thing to do so thats where we are going for 5 days...... considering my very limited building experience consists of painting my flat and changing a few lightbulbs it should be very interesting....

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