Sunday, July 17, 2005

Second prize in a beauty contest

One afternoon during the stove trek we found ourselves at the local fiesta and as important guests from Australia were invited to judge the local beauty contest. After a couple of beers and a few introductions to the region's important people we sat down in front of a large crowd and waited for the 3 beauty queens to arrive by horse.

Of course all great beauty pageants have some half time entertainment and we found ourselves at the centre of that as well. Here I am doing the region's famous hanky dance. Kate got extremely jealous when I was invited up by one of the beauty Queens

There's something slightly perverted about judging 12 year old girls in a beauty contest but we took our responsibilities very seriously. The categories were 1) overall presentation and entance 2) facial beauty 3) dress 4) ability to answer a question
and the result? well Kate, Jose the guy to my right in the top photo and me voted for number 2. Unfortunately the other judge voted very high for number 3 on the right and she was crowned the fiesta's beauty queeen and given 35 bucks for good measure.

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