Friday, March 05, 2010

The six foot track

While most of my peers celebrating their 40th birthday probably enjoyed a 12 course degustation at a 3 hat michelin restaurant, I decided it time was go native.
My good friend Jens and I thought it was time for a brisk brokeback mountain style hike through the Aussie wilderness.
45 gruelling kilometres, all uphill, living off the land bear grills style, crossing rapids barefoot, scaling wobbly bridges and generally venturing where no 40 year old in their right mind would ever want to go
Yes the above bridge was just as wobbly as it looked
By the time we got to the campsite on the first night after being lost ( lucky a middle aged woman in a 4WD was able to alert us to the well signposted track) all was good. We celebrated by scoffing down a litre of wine each (I smuggled it into Jens pack, no wonder he was sweating so much) and we went on to get horribly drunk, not a good idea as the second day was a 22 km walk uphill all the worse with hangovers.

lucky we found some restorative mushrooms along the way and the world looked so much brighter
of course these wallabies were delicious to two men who hadn't eaten in a few days

and to finish off a great 3 days we had the restaurant in Jenolen caves all to ourselves. lucky cause I stunk like a mother f......

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