Thursday, July 10, 2008

Helping Michael Jackson walk again

In the tradition of catholic world youth day and the church of hillsong rip of youth year I thought it was holy time to bring a bunch of idealistic youth together, praise our lord Michael Jackson and then crush their spirits by putting them in a channel Ten Australian Idol promotion

Like lambs to the slaughter they gave their all, parting the holy reality Tv sea.
And it seems alas a miracle has happened. 

His holiness Michael Jackson, currently wheelchair bound and hurting, has been yearning for something to raise his spirits. A screening was organised for the holy father and reports are that a white glove was raised in the air in triumph after hearing those angelic voices. 

but don't just take my word for it. You too could have your spirit awakened by this joyful promotion. Log into the address below but it comes with a warning.
I accept no responsibility if you start saying no to condoms and purchasing cloth Jesus lookalikes made in china and a holy bargain at 89.95.
and for those truly righteous log onto the australian idol website and you can see the making of the making of the promo.

and thanks to Jackie chan who took time out from his latest action flick for taking the photos.

he also does wedding parties anything


tiff and michael said...

So true Mr Ed. When I first saw this commercial I honestly thought it was an advertisement for World Youth Day or Hillsong. When the Australian Idol logo came up at the end I instantly thought of the press Idol got last year that the majority of the contestants were from Hillsong, ditto the voters.

jackie chan said...

What a nice surprise to see my photos appear in your blog. Nice work (i mean the promo) indeed.

Look forward to work with you again.