Monday, September 03, 2007

Californicating catholics

Ever since I started at TEN life has just been one big drama, one big comedy drama I should say. Californication.... a dirty word for some a very funny show for others, and quite a minefield to make trailers for. With the censors over my shoulder we've been churning out promos which have been getting quite a bit of press. In fact the catholics have just started holding candelit vigils outsode channel ten headquarters every time the show airs. What Losers. None of them have even seen the intelligent design of this show but tell that to Father John Fongemie who's leading the spiritual battle for our souls outside. Even Helen Coonans been on the case calling meetings and the CEO has been labelled a pornographer. All quite amusing really. I mean a couple of boobs on the telly at 9.45 at night isn't nearly as bad as a prostitute brutally murdered in the first five minutes of every crime show with the initials CSI SVU NCIS CI. But tell that to catholics.... inquisitions are in boobs are out. Oh well in my opinion the show is nothing more than sex and the city, Big Love, or six feet under and it's nice to have a show that appeals to adult humour. But then I would say that.... I'm making the trailers and the catholics are watching.

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