Friday, July 20, 2007

I know more than you about....

nappy rash, breastmilk, maternity pads, the effects of sleeping in 3 hour chunks on the body, going to the loo whilst a baby is strapped in your baby bjorn and negotiating a stroller down awkward stairs whilst collecting the mail, opening the gate and greeting the neighbour at the same time.
ok I admit it , I had no idea about the new Geoffry Rush play exit the king at the belvoir, and I havent heard of any of the current films playing at the local cinema, I have absolutely no clue on what bands are in Sydney , or what new exhibitions, festivals, restaurants, visiting dignatries, sand sculptors, or fascinating engaging people or events in this fair city. nothing, zilch nada.
But what can I tell you about is nappies, poo, and obscure infomercials broadcast at unsociable hours on Foxtel. I can also tell you about the hillbillies in leichhardt who sleep with cats and young babies
Oh the glamour of it all..... weird thing is I'm probably having a much better time than If I was Mr I've seen everything around town

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