Sunday, January 14, 2007

Burmese Encounter

So there we were admiring the view at West head, when quite remarkably the view behind us was even more surprising. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man of burmese appearance who looked quite familiar. It was one of those moments when worlds collide. I approached the man and asked "Do you by any chance come from Burma?" A very surprised "yes" was the answer.
My psychic powers continued with " Would you hapen to own a hotel in a very obscure non touristy town called Taungoo". And that would make you a doctor?"...Yes and Yes.
It was Dr Tin the owner ofthe Myanmar Beauty Guest House which wouldn't recieve more than a hundred visitors a year and yet here he was wandering around Sydney. escape from Burma per se a remarkable feat. Seems our Doctor and his wfe were the guest of another Aussie couple who visit the town regularly and now his parents were escorting around Dr Tin. The always eloquent Dr Tin summed up the encounter with a classic "This is globalisation for you"

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