Monday, May 29, 2006

2 pizzas, a bottle of coke and one house in leichhardt please

After a year overseas and mountains of debt, there's only one thing to do... Grin and ignore and buy a house in a trendy suburb. Yes thanks to the ANZ bank Kate and I are now homeowners and plan on a life in the suburbs with dog, cat, white picket fence, lawn mower and weekly feuds with the neighbours. Not content with pissing everyone off about our trip overseas we're rubbing their noses in it by buying a house in record time.... First one we saw actually... which is either crazy or visionary. If we manage to sell our flats in time it's visionary but if not.... you may call me ed the ridiculous. In other suburban news I'm working two jobs in North Ryde, and for those of you not from Sydney, North Ryde is Australias contribution to nothingville. it's a world of freeways, light industry and nothing else. In fact it's so bad that I can't even get a park. A nuclear wasteland with not a corner shop in sight. But hey I can't complain.... I've got a mortgage to pay off and a lawnmower to buy...


Rod Adler said...

Nomadic settlement, I shall say.


torshy said...

Suddenly my glamorous European life seems empty and meaningless... the sight of a pickt fence is a powerful thing, owning one even more so.

If I were any more envious I'd self-combust. Congrats you crazy kids.