Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The restaurant at the end of the universe

So what to do on the last night of a year long round the world trip?
How about Sirocco at the dome where you can dine in an open air restaurant on the roof of one of Bangkoks tallest buildings. Yes we were on the 63rd floor with a cool breeze in our hair looking back on what's been quite an amazing journey when you think about it. Yep we had our first showers of the trip, gave our clothes a good wash, whacked on some perfume, looked disdainfully at the Israeli Backpackers on Khao San and headed off to dine in the sky. Sirocco which accoring to Conde Neste is one of the top 80 restaurants in the world, and if you don't mind a bit of crap food I'd totally agree, It has one of the most incredible settings ever. For the bargain price of a Cambodian's yearly salary you can knock back mojitos and gaze down upon the horrendous Bangkok traffic and discuss Asian distribution training programmes with American expatriots. We even busted a few moves on the dancefloor and set a world record for paying the most money for a bottle of Australian Rawsons Retreat white wine. Lets just say it was about ten times the price as in Australia (not that I'd ever buy that crap in Australia but who's being a wine snob here). Who am I to complain (especially as Kate said she was paying) and let overpriced wine get in the way of a great night out. We had a ball!!! To cap off the night we arrived back in Khao San and who is there to greet us???? none other than Mr Thailand himself ( see January blogs). Off we set through the back streets of Bangkok with the music blaring and the crowds cheering us on. We did more waving, saluting, laughing, smiling and greeting than any normal royal family member does in a busy calender month. The thais love a bit of silliness and Mr Thailand and his two fat farangs in the back seat gave it to them. All I can say is that right now I have a hangover.... perfect for a long haul flight to Australia

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