Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who pooed in my shoe?

the answer is of course a wallaby. Our first whole family and friends camping trip to the Basin turns out to be a major success... no thanks to that four legged critter. First it broke into the tent at 3am, then it rattled around the plates enough for poppy to stir, then it raided the food bag, grabs some muffins out of it, ripped open the packaging ate 2 of the muffins and left a nice little poo in my shoe. From now it's kangaroo stew every easter.

                           poppy unsurprisingly took to camping like a Wallaby poo in a shoe....

                      Richard was crowned Mr popular with the  girls for the third year running

                                Kate first time went well despite a short stint in Gaol

                            Poppy decided that anything a wallaby could do she could do better

                           the only thing missing was an army of soldier ants

Happy bunnies

                                   Ivy "When it rains that the sky having a cry?"
                            "so people use umbrellas to protect themselves from the Sky's tears