Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kate browne is pregnant

Is that a baby in your stomach or are you just fat?

The answer is ...14 weeks up the duff. yes baby eddie is on the way and daddy is doing just fine but mother is wee bit sick. Yep kate has been leaving the odd kerbside quiche (cook philip carpark in the city) not to mention to be the first to spew up at a friend's party in newtown.... hers was before everyone started drinking.
So from freewheeling world travelling nomads to whitepicket fence, renovating up the duff couple in just 8 months.
if there's anything we learnt from travelling overseas it's that everyone else in the world is reproducing and if you're not on the team you're nowhere.
so goodbye fancy restaurants, sleep, bars, fun times and hello nappies, tears and responsibility..... woohooooooo. can't wait