Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The many faces of Poppy Sylvia Holmes

"There is a castle on a cloud...."

It all started with a picture of a little girl on a poster on the side of a bus. "Who's that Mum?"
"That's the little girl from Les Miserables" replied Kate
"Who's she?"
"She sings songs in this musical about the French revolution"
"Can I see the trailer?'
"Of course darling"Said Kate unknowingly
and that's where it all began. Fast forward 4 months and Ivy has possibly watched the trailer to the new film coming out in december no less than 700 times. Our broadband usage has tripled. She now knows every word to every song and can distinguish between the different stage performances and productions. She also has all her friends at kindy singing all the songs word perfect. This is particularly interesting when all the girls do the Lovely ladies routine "getting quick ones in the park".
If Ivy's not destined for a career in musical theatre she'll be helping the poor in soup kitchens