Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Birds Christmas message 2008

Toddlers of the world unite and lend me your teddies

It has been a great year of change...

One small step for a baby was a giant leap for it's parents.

But with this great change has come great repression

As I grow up and learn more about my world all I am hearing is No you can't...

Well my friends, I'm here to tell you... Yes I can

My parents say I shouldn't draw on the kitchen walls

Yes I can

They tell me I shouldn't pull the cat's tail

Yes I can

They say I shouldn't stand up in the bath, throw my food on the floor,
scream when I don't get what I want

Yes I can

So fellow babies, this Christmas when your repressive parents shout out No you can't

I want you to stand up, take off your bib and shout out in your loudest baby voice

Yes I will

Because I know how things can change...

I Know my parents will change

Yes they will

Merry Xmas everybody