Saturday, November 18, 2006

Spashbacks and Caeserstone

Question.... what causes more pain? the western ascent of Everest without oxygen or kitchen renovations? I think anyone who has had tradesmen beat a path to kitchen base camp at 7 each morning will agree that renovating is a total nightmare....

But alas, we have made the transition from sauna to caeserstone

must admit, thought I'd be a little bit more inspired about this blog but no.... i think all the inspirtation was taken out by tradesmen over quoting, and finding last minute problems that need vast amounts of plastic money to fix.... ahh...the sacrifices to have those pull out pantry's.

Chloe the cat was'n't too fussed by it all... as long she got her daily quota of tins

and thanks to my sister Meredith for sponsoring the project and my friend Emma for the design